Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Slide-in animation of forms in Angular 8

This is a cool feature in Angular 8, the support of animations. First off, we define our animation in a Typescript file like for example a sliding in translation of the X-axis. app-animation.ts
import { trigger, animate, transition, style, group, query } from '@angular/animations';

export const slideInAnimation = trigger('slideInAnimation', [
  // Transition between any two states
  transition('* <=> *', [
    // Events to apply
    // Defined style and animation function to apply
    // Config object with optional set to true to handle when element not yet added to the DOM
    query(':enter, :leave', style({ position: 'fixed', width: '100%', zIndex: 2 }), { optional: true }),
    // group block executes in parallel
      query(':enter', [
        style({ transform: 'translateX(100%)' }),
        animate('0.5s ease-out', style({ transform: 'translateX(0%)' }))
      ], { optional: true }),
      query(':leave', [
        style({ transform: 'translateX(0%)' }),
        animate('0.5s ease-out', style({ transform: 'translateX(-100%)' }))
      ], { optional: true })

In our app.component.ts, we import this animation slideInAnimation like this:
import { slideInAnimation } from './app.animation';
  selector: 'pm-root',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./app.component.css'],
  animations: [ slideInAnimation ]
export class AppComponent {
  pageTitle = 'SomeAcme Product Management';

Note the association of the slideInAnimation above. And in the app component template (app.component.html) we just declare a template variable for the router outlet and set it up to trigger on route activation.
<div class="container" [@slideInAnimation]="o.isActivated ? o.activatedRoute: ''">
  <router-outlet #o="outlet"></router-outlet>
This video shows the effect. Note that this is an excerpt from Deborah Kurata's course on Angular routing from Pluralsight. Video of this technique:

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