Friday, 8 December 2017

Finding old Git Branches with WSL and Bash

Finding old branches in Git

I had to find out which branches in a Git repository was old and output it to a file. An old branch is defined to have no commits the last four months. Here is the bash script I ended up with.


declare -i branchiteration=0
branchcount=$(git branch -a | wc -l)

if [ ! -e $branchfile ] ; then
 touch $branchfile

#empty the oldbranch file
: > $branchfile

for k in $(git branch -a | sed /\*/d); do

 if [ -z "$(git log -1 --since='4 months ago' -s $k)" ]; then
  echo $k | cut -d/ -f3 >> $branchfile
 percentage= bc <<< "scale=2;($branchiteration/$branchcount)*100"

 read -n 1 -t 0.1 input                  # so read doesn't hang
   if [[ $input = "q" ]] || [[ $input = "Q" ]]
      echo # to get a newline after 
echo -e "XXX\n$($percentage)\nAnalyzing $branchiteration of $branchcount $(bc <<< "scale=2;($branchiteration/$branchcount)*100") % done. \n(Exit: Q/q)... \nXXX"

done | whiptail --title "Resolving OpPlan 4 branch ages" --gauge "Analyzing.. (Press Q or q to exit)" 10 60 0


cat $branchfile

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